Breast pads that stay in place in a bra that makes your boobs feel loved...

Boobin' bras and breast pads that make our lives easier and give our magic boobs some love, all without destroying the planet or our humanity...sound good? 


What's been happening?

Sound familiar?

I always felt they were going to fall out as one breast was bigger than the other and my clips would undo all the time. Nursing pads I would have to change all the time and I would use two or three at a time to fill the whole of the bra cup.

How about this?

Breast pads move or fall out when nursing allowing leakage on the bra. Some nursing bras are awkward to pull down comfortably for baby and mummy to nurse

and you should never feel like this...

Breast pads made my life a living hell

Yeah, breast pads are pretty annoying...


Running on boob power (.)(.)

Hang out here...

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