Boobin' Bras is a no-fuss, eco-conscious breastfeeding brand, making nursing bras and breast pads that are kind to boobs and the planet.

Say hi to the mama behind this gig...


Hey, welcome to the 'sofa office'...

I’m Lucy, mama to one tiny human, boobin’ machine for over a year (so far) and my husband tells me I’m a hippy, but I reckon he’s just jealous of my stainless steel’s so shiny!

The ‘Boobin’ bras’ seed was planted when I realised I was jealous of my tiny human’s cloth nappies. It's just they make SO much sense, love has gone into them, they've been tweaked and developed and they are cool, so very cool. You know what? Our boobs are pretty cool too, life-sustaining cool. Our boobs are milk-making wonders and they deserve breast pads and bras that are supportive, comfortable, stylish, easy to use, effective and kind...kind to our brilliant boobs and our planet. So now that's my mission...

As it turns out, starting a business with a tiny human in tow, demanding I read ‘Hairy Maclary’ for the billionth time, is not the easiest of things, but this is worth it, we are worth it. Thank you so much for supporting me, there's no way I could do all of this alone. Here’s to our boobs and boobin’ bras that make our lives easier!



Lucy and the tiny human

Running on boob power (.)(.)

Hang out here...

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